German Healthcare is facing grave challenges

German Healthcare is facing grave challenges

We live in times of great medical advances. But this also means people continuously growing older and being in need of more care. Already today we are facing the issue of there being not enough care and nursing staff to ensure a high-quality and humane care. This situation will continue to worsen over the coming years if we don't do anything. - We as ucura want to face this challenge together with the people in need of care, their relatives and people working in care.

The Founders

The Founders

Armando Statti, Markus Pelnar and Michael Maurer-Pühringer are the ones behind ucura. - They experienced the issues and challenges in the current care themselves and are commited to bringing their vision of better care to life.

Markus Pelnar

System Architecture

    With ucura we want to use Artificial Intelligence to improve each and everyones care situations using past experience. This will allow us to give people in need of care and their relatives the best possible options.

Armando Statti

Product Design

    Care is something personal. Because of this, all our services are designed with our customers, to also furthen our social engagement.

Michael Maurer-Pühringer


    With our innovative ideas and new approaches we want to sustainably make more space and time for humane behaviour and in this way add our part in improving care.